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Title Light Cavalry officer's sword, 1788 pattern variant
Nationality British
Period c 1790
Price £1500.00

This iron-mounted sabre, dating from the early years of the Napoleonic Wars, would have been carried by a British officer in a cavalry or yeomanry unit. Singularly, it has a backstrap/pommel in the form of a lion's head, something I have never seen on this pattern in over 50 years of arms dealing. All I need is a good portrait to pin it down!

The grip is of checkered ebony, with a little damage at the pommel on both sides but with all its silver wire intact. The blade measures 34.5" long and is 1.5" wide at the forte. Its original blue and gilt finish no longer remains, although traces remain at the forte. The hilt and scabbard have a light grey patina overall, with the scabbard being somewhat brighter than the hilt, having been carefully hand cleaned. The scabbard has the original wood liners and leather covered panels with a few old worm holes apparent, but one carrying ring and its bolster have been lost on the middle locket. There is a neat old brazing repair to the base of the knuckle bow, barely discernible.

Pointers to its British origin are: the design of the quillon; the position of the sword knot slot; the drag at the bottom of the chape; the sculptural style of the lion head; the style of panelling on the scabbard.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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i received the bayonet, everything is very fine, i am very happy with the M1890 and the whole transaction.

P V, Germany, 07.01.2013

Everything AOK. Excellent stuff on your part. I would not hesitate to buy like objects off you again. My sincere thanks!

D S, Australia, 31.12.2007