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A comparatively unresearched field comprising both infantry weapons and the shorter variety carried by horsemen through the centuries. There is currently, apart from the excellent Canadian Military Historical Society Journal pamphlet, no serious work on this subject, although there is much in the way of photographic material in old auction catalogues and museum guides. The real problem with polearms of the infantry variety is transport! These weapons effectively have to be collected, there being no shipping service for items sometimes measuring over 8'!

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militaria item Mameluke style axe
- Ottoman
This parade axe has a blade just over 13" top to bottom and would have been carried in front of local authorities as a symbol of office, much like the use of the fasces in ancient Rome. When the Mamelukes were finally crushed in a revolt against the Ottoman Sultan in 1516-17, this practice was transferred to the Ottoman empire.
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militaria item Belt axe head
- European
This ground find is a typical camp or belt axe of the type carried by archers in the fighting during the Hundred Years War. It would have been used for small jobs around the camp. In the Balkans, these axes have turned up as ground finds on the Kosovo battlefield, where they would probably have been used by both sides in a similar way.
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militaria item Great axe head (Peasants' Revolt)
- German
This is a typical fighting axe of the type used in the Peasants' Revolt of 1525 by both sides, the Imperial troops and the Bundschuh peasants' movement. Even Martin Luther had to lend his support to suppress the revolt, which threatened the entire tranquility of the Rhineland, in particular, but also spread to Bavaria and Austria.
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militaria item Spike tomahawk head
- British
This is a nice example of a Birmingham export belt axe/tomahawk head, almost certainly cast steel with some rudimentary attempt at polishing the front end of the blade. These were typical of what settlers may have carried in the West (US) and also the Indians.
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militaria item Turkish spear head
- Turkish
This is one of a small collection of Turkish spear heads, purchased near Marmaris several years ago. This piece has been cleaned and there is still some grey patina to it with extensive traces of old surface rust. The overall length is 36cms. The point is now squared off as a result of damage.
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I'd just like to thank you for the SS Buckle, this has to be one of the best items I have yet and am very happy with it.

L H, UK, 09.10.2012

Order received today - many thanks for your swift and efficient service!

M F, UK, 30.03.2010