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Title Foot Guards gorget, 1816 pattern
Nationality British
Period c 1816-30
Price £750.00

Regarding the regiment, the Grenadiers had a very specific gorget with multiple pierce work on both wings, the Scots Guards normally had '3rd Guards' engraved on both sides at the tips, therefore, by elimination, this is almost certainly a Coldstream Guards example. The Dighton watercolours of the period appear to confirm this.

This gorget is distinguished by one of the largest armorials ever mounted, reverting to earlier 18th-century practice, when a large royal arms was usually engraved or occasionally embossed on the plate. It is the last gorget to be worn by the British army, as their use was discontinued in William IV's reign.

The arms are in cast silver (no hallmarks) and secured to the plate by four bolts with matching nuts. The nuts and bolts may be modern replacements, since the arms are normally fixed by steel pins. The gilding on the plate is recent electroplate, as evidenced by the gilt finish to the reverse, which would normally have no gilding, but instead a dark chocolate patinated finish - the original gilding was applied by mercury/gold amalgam firing to the front only. The colour of the gilt finish is, however, quite correct.

The scratches on the reverse are indicative of there having been an original buff leather lining, which would have been glued in place.

Provenance: This comes from the collection of the late David Horne, ex-curator, Foot Guards Museum, London.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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Many thanks - badge recieved - excellent one!

A K, UK, 06.02.2014

Thank you. I have received the bayonet. It is indeed in excellent condition and miracle! It fits my antique P53 perfectly.

A F, Belgium, 29.08.2005