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Title 1st King Edward's Horse cap badge
Nationality British
Period c 1911-18
Price £50.00

This badge is an anomaly on two counts: the Latin motto is misspelt ('ausumus' instead of 'adsumas'); it is in white metal when, according to the regulations, it should be in gilding metal! In the form seen here, the badge dates from 1911 when George V commemorated the death of his father Edward VII with the title 'King Edward's Horse'.

The 1st KEH was raised in 1901 and disbanded in 1924. An alternative title for the KEH was the King's Overseas Dominions Regiment, reflecting recruitment from all over the Empire.

A second KEH was raised in 1914 (the badge was redesigned with '2nd KEH' on a small plinth under the crown). During WW1 the regiment was broken up, the men serving in a variety of roles in France and Italy.

The badge (6 cm high) is die-struck white metal. The relief is still quite crisp, with just a little wear on the highlights.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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The buckle arrived today, thanks for the fast dispatch, a nice addition to my collection

L M, Channel Islands, 09.04.2016

Just received the sword today. Thank you very much, very happy with it. Excellent service.

S H, UK, 12.01.2011