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Title 'Roman' miquelet lock for long gun
Nationality Spanish or Neapolitan
Period c 1700

This would have been fitted to a fowling piece, carbine or blunderbuss of the first quarter of the 18th century. It measures 14.5cm long and is profusely engraved throughout. Diana, the goddess of the hunt, appears on the tail of the lock with a miniature portrait of a man on the base of the cock housing.

This style of lock, originating in Rome, was copied by Madrid and Neapolitan gunsmiths. This would appear to be an unsigned piece, although very similar locks can be found on work by Juan Fernandez of Madrid, c 1715. As a lock this is rather more rarely found in Spain than the traditional miquelet lock of somewhat squatter proportions.

The spigot of the sear has been a little distorted, with a little damage to the claw on the internal face of the lock, but otherwise its condition is excellent, with an even dark grey patina throughout. I've now fitted it with an appropriate flint!

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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just recieved my kukri. its a lovely piece with a bit history, love it. it will add greatly to my collection.

R C, UK, 04.09.2015

Bayonets arrived safe today. Nice bayonets. Thanks for the good and fast delivery.

M G, Germany, 19.09.2007