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Title Heavy cavalry other ranks belt buckle
Nationality French
Period c 1871-1914
Price £50.00

These were introduced into the French army under Napoleon in the early 19th century and were worn by the Grenadier a Cheval, the Dragoons of the Guard, the Carabineers , and the Guard Train. This example is from the era of the Third Republic, ie 1871-1914.

The condition is extremely good for the age of the piece, the flames of the bomb still being in sharp relief with a little wear to the highlights. There is an even patina to the field of the buckle. A similar design was worn by the Gendarmes d'Elite, but this was in white metal. The Dragoons of the line wore a plain voided brass buckle. All these units wore their buckles on white buff belts with two sword slings. This example would appear to be a sand casting.

NB: This has a natural shine which isn't replicated in the photograph, which was taken to illustrate the condition of the metal.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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bayonet arrived safely, I'm very happy with it

C B, UK, 02.09.2015

Just to let you know the two propelling pencils, in the form of pistols, have just arrived in the condition you sent them. Thank you very much indeed for your excellent and prompt service, and I will keep a look out on your site for any other pencils you may have for sale in the future.

M H, UK, 09.02.2011