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Title .32 Whitneyville five-shot revolver, single action rim fire
Nationality American
Period c 1871-79

This was made at the Whitneyville Armory, Connecticut, USA, and is marked accordingly on the top barrel flat. It has a 3.25" barrel, stub trigger and lacquered rosewood grips. It fired a rim fire cartridge with a soft lead slug and a black powder load. Some 30,000 were made in various barrel lengths and other calibres, notably .22 and .38.

Eli Whitney is perhaps more famous for his invention of the cotton gin, which was a massive boost to the South's economy, than for his pistols. He was also a formative influence on Colt in the early years, helping Colt with production.

It has virtually all the original blue finish to barrel and cylinder. The bore is mint and the single action nice and crisp. There is 95% original varnish to the grips. The cylinder pin has some minor bruising. There are traces of case hardening to both hammer and trigger. The brass frame was originally silver plated - this has now been almost all polished out. The trigger shield has some bruising on one side. The serial number (on the base of the grip) is 13992.

NB: This is sold as a Section 58/2 firearm. Therefore, if the purchaser does not intend to use it, I will require a signature to that effect; otherwise it should be placed on his firearms certificate (of which I would need to see a copy). This is according to the latest ruling from the Home Office on Section 58/2 weapons.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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Bayonets arrived today, very nice!

M G, Germany, 22.06.2009

Good news, my friend, the boot knife has arrived safe and sound. This example will more than fill my collection need.

R M, USA, 01.05.2008